Joctopus Rex (holyhackjack) wrote in thementors,
Joctopus Rex

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Sing to the tune of Longhaired Redneck/Outlaw Scumfuc

Everybody knows that I beat women
This is a fact that I can not deny
Lots of people don't like of what I do to them
But they are just so pretty when they cry
Some dumb cunt in the corner is getting to me
Bitching at me like I fucking care
She's getting on my nerves, I'm losing my patience
If she does not shut up she'll be falling down the stairs
Cause I like to punch them in the stomach
And dragging them around by their hair
It's a real treat when they can't even remember
how that big black eye got there
cause I like to drink whiskey in glass bottles
And breaking it on her while she is unaware
I guess that dumb cunt never learned to stop complaining
So excuse me now while I toss her down the stairs
So I can sing all these songs about beatings
Rock Em Sock Em is a good one that I know
I just love it, it's a real great time
So I suggest beating up some girl that you know
And everybody knows...
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haha thats clever